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Materials Required

                                                *All classes require access to a digital device and Internet connection.


Vocal Music Grade 3-5, 6-8:

  • A glass or bottle of water to stay hydrated. 

SuperPower Theatre 101 Grades 3-5, 6-8: 

  • Students would need to have access to a device with a camera that allows for virtual engagement, a relatively quiet area where they can participate by sharing ideas, material/performances (which may include "movement"). 

Mixed Media:

  • Required Materials: Pencil, paper, Washable markers 

  • Suggested Materials: Old magazines, newspapers, colored paper, tissue paper, scissors, glue stick, Black Sharpie, tempera or acrylic paint, heavyweight paper if painting, and a paintbrush.

Architecture Grades 3-5:

  • Required Materials: Paper, Pencil, colored pencils or crayons, Floor Planner Free Website.

Architecture Grades 6-8:

  •  Required Materials: Paper, Pencil, colored pencils or crayons, Floor Planner Free Website

  • A second digital drawing tool- To Be Determined.

"Legacy, Character, Reputation"Spoken Word Grades 3-5,6-8:

  • Paper and Pencil.

All Tap Courses

  • Scholars will need a space to dance with a hard floor .. tap shoes are optional.. but hard bottom shoes are suggested.

 All Cartoon Drawing Courses: 

  • Artist's Loft Fundamentals Sketching & Drawing Set.

  • Artist's Loft Blending Tortillons. 

  • Ruler.

  • General's Gum Eraser.

  • Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Marker.

  • Artist's Loft Black Wirebound Sketchbook.

* all supplies can be found at Michael's.

 The Great Ukulele Orchestra:

  • Guitar (Preferred: Acoustic but Electrical is accepted).


  • Ukulele.

  *Ukulele can be found on Amazon.

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