Enjoy your summer and learn a new skill. 


What Do We Offer?

This summer we are offering a diverse selection of classes in subjects, such as art, music, and graphic design. 

Storytelling Through Music & Media

Our online music program is a course designed to enrich scholars' minds through songwriting, beat making, and podcasts. 

The Guitar Ukulele Orchestra 

Our scholars will learn to play one of the easiest and fun instruments! This class will utilize videos that focus on learning songs with chords and melodies.

Cartoon Drawing 

Scholars learn the basics of cartoon drawing and graphic contour drawing. They will also have the opportunity to the fundamentals of cartoon figure and facial construction.


Architecture Illustration

Scholars will be introduced to the basics of Architecture, beginning with the history and culture of buildings around the world. They will be able to “read” and create their own floor plans using hand-drawing techniques and/or digital drawing tools. 

General Information

Listed below is basic information about our summer programs:

  • Courses are designated for particular grade levels. 

  • Courses are designed to be completed in a week. 

  • Courses begin on July 20 and end on August 14.

  • Each course has a class limit of 15 scholars. 

  • Each course requires a payment of $10.